K. Bradley Washburn, born 1980, is an American artist and photographer, currently working full-time as a graphic artist and social media manager for a ballistic glass and window security film company.

Brad has been working in the design industry since 2006, both as an in-house designer and a freelance design professional. While attending Southern Utah University in 2007, he started Artistic Imposter Design as a portfolio website which eventually morphed into a freelance design studio. In mid-2022, Brad began restructuring Artistic Imposter Design to focus more on selling original art and photography prints and less on freelance design projects. In early 2023, Artistic Imposter Design was rebranded and relaunched as K. Bradley Washburn Art & Design.

Brad has been interested in art and photography his entire life, but he didn’t begin pursuing photography professionally until he got his first DSLR camera in 2015. Before then, he mostly focused on designing websites and other online marketing materials for freelance clients. Through his employment in the e-learning industry, Brad also has experience with computer animation, 3d modeling, print design, logo design, instructional design, video production, and video editing.

Brad strives to bring beauty to the world through nature-inspired art and photography. He enjoys experimenting and is always on the lookout for new and different techniques. He also enjoys photographing beautiful architecture, especially religious and government buildings.