Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What size prints do you sell?

A: Print sizes range from 5 x 7 inches up to 54 x 80 inches. Unusual sizes and smaller sizes, such as postcards, are sometimes available at in-person events and by request. Not all images are available in all sizes.

Q: What is an open edition print?

A: An open edition print is a high-quality reproduction of an original artwork or photograph. Open edition prints may be signed or unsigned and may or may not come with a certificate of authenticity.

Q: What is a signed open edition print?

A: An open edition print is a high-quality reproduction of an original artwork or photograph. Signed open edition prints are signed by the artist but are not individually numbered. Signed open edition prints come with a certificate of authenticity.

Q: What is a limited edition print?

A: A limited edition print is an edition of hand-signed and numbered art or photographic prints that are personally selected and inspected by the artist. Limited edition prints are strictly limited to a specific number of prints. Limited edition prints include a numbered certificate of authenticity and may be purchased through or at in-person events.

Q: What is escalating edition pricing?

A: Prints are sold online using escalating edition pricing. As prints of the artwork are sold, the price of subsequent prints is gradually increased. This pricing model protects the value of prints for collectors who buy early by offering them a lower price than those buying later. This also decreases the need for limited editions by naturally reducing the amount of prints sold after a certain price point.

Q: What is an artist’s proof?

A: An artist’s proof is an art or photographic print created specifically for the artist to test out a new printer, print process, or digital master file. Artist’s proofs may be pulled from the first few prints of an open edition or limited edition print run, or they may be a limited edition of their own, generally confined to less than 10 prints. Artist’s proofs are signed and individually numbered, and come with a signed certificate of authenticity. Artist’s proofs are usually kept by the artist or given away to friends, but they are occasionally available to purchase at in-person events.

Q: What is a giclée print?

A: A giclée (pronounced ZHēˈklā) print is a fine art print created using a specialized high resolution inkjet printer. Giclée prints have a higher level of quality and longevity compared to a standard print.

Q: What is an NFT?

A: An NFT, or non-fungible token, is a unit of data on a digital ledger, called a blockchain. An NFT certifies that a digital asset, such as an artwork or photograph, is unique and not interchangeable. Owning an NFT is generally thought of as owning the ‘digital original’ of an artwork or photograph. NFTs of my art and photography can be purchased through OpenSea.

Q: What is a series?

A: A photography or art series is a unified collection of images that are linked and displayed together. They often have the same theme or concept, employ the same technique, are shot at the same location, use the same color palette, or are edited in the same style. Artwork in a series can be purchased as individual pieces or collectively as an entire series.

Q: What is a collection?

A: Collections are analogous with product categories. A collection is a group of images with a related subject, such as landscapes or sunsets. A collection differs from a series in that images in a series are deliberately linked to each other while items in a collection are naturally linked together.

Q: Do you accept commissions?

A: I am not accepting commissions at this time.

Q: Do you have a photograph of such and such a place?

A: Generally, if a photograph is not listed in my store, I do not have a photo of the requested location. However, I occasionally have unprocessed photos sitting on my camera’s SD card which I have not yet had time to edit. Your best option is to either keep checking back or send me an email with your photo request. I do not take commissions at this time, but I will get to your photo request if time and money allows.

Q: Will you design my website/flyer?

A: I am choosing to focus on my art and photography at the present time, so I am not currently accepting freelance design projects.

Q: Do you teach art or photography classes?

A: I do not teach classes at this time; however, tips and tricks can be found on my Articles page.

Q: If I purchase an original painting or artwork will I own the copyright to the artwork?

A: Under United States Copyright Law, copyright of an artwork automatically belongs to the artist upon creation of the artwork. The artist retains full copyright of their artwork for the rest of their lives plus 70 years. The buyer of the original artwork will not own the copyright to the image. They will only be the owner of the original artwork for personal display in their private or public collection.

Q: If I purchase an NFT will I own the copyright to the artwork?

A: As with the purchase of a physical piece of artwork, purchase of an NFT does not give the buyer ownership of the copyright to the image. They will only be the owner of a unique digital asset for personal display in their private or public collection.

Q: Can I take an image of your artwork from your website and use it on my website?

A: Any use of an artist’s work without his or her written permission is considered theft under United States law. I take this theft very seriously and it will result in immediate legal action against the publisher of the image. See my EULA and Disclaimer for additional information.

Q: Can I purchase an image of your artwork to use as a stock photo?

A: Many of my photographs are available to purchase as stock photography through Shutterstock and Dreamstime; however, very few of these photographs are the same as those available as prints.

Q: Can I purchase framed prints?

A: I do not offer framed prints through my website at this time; however, they are sometimes available at in-person events. All of my prints are standard sizes, allowing a buyer to purchase a frame at any number of local or online retailers. Frames can be expensive to ship, so I have chosen not to offer frames in an effort to keep my prints more affordable for buyers.

Q: How soon will I get my order after purchase?

A: Prints typically take 14-20 business days depending on the backlog of the production facility and time of year. Due to the high number of parts to be manufactured, games may require up to 30 days before they are ready to be shipped from the production facility. Also, holiday seasons tend to have longer turnaround times and shipping delays. You will receive a tracking number as soon as your purchase has been shipped!