Framed Flowers Series

The Framed Flowers series is a series of digital artwork created in Adobe Photoshop. The series was inspired by a project from a middle school art class I took in the mid-1990s. The first work in the series, Falling Petals, was originally created using watercolor on silk with a poster board border. Over the years, the original art became water damaged, so I decided to recreate it digitally. I had so much fun working on it, I expanded the series to include three more pieces, and I may add to it in the future.

Each artwork in the series is designed to be printed at 14″ by 14″. The artworks are available in limited edition 14″ x 14″ giclée prints and in smaller open edition prints. Each 14″ x 14″ giclée print is limited to 100 prints + 1 Artist’s Proof.

"Falling Petals" (2021) by K. Bradley Washburn

Falling Petals (2021)

"Daisies" (2021) by K. Bradley Washburn

Daisies (2021)

"Sunflowers" (2021) by K. Bradley Washburn

Sunflowers (2021)

"Poinsettia" (2021) by K. Bradley Washburn

Poinsettia (2021)